Native American Studies Program

Current Special Topics for the 2016-2017 academic year include: American Indian Activism; American Indian Art; Comparative Indigenous Activism; Indigenous Northern Borderlands; Native Museum Studies; and Native North American Music...   Find out more!

Located in what was originally Blackfeet territory, the Native American Studies Program at MSU – Northern focuses on the critical intersections of race, indigenous identity, contemporary issues, cultural traditionalism, and social movements among American Indian and Native North American nations.

Through examining issues of sovereignty, law, nation-building, settler-colonialism, border imperialism, social justice, expressive cultures, and the historical roots of Native American and indigenous lives as they are lived today, a Native American Studies minor cultivates a powerful educational foundation for graduates to pursue a variety of career paths.

Native American Studies minors are people with curious, critical, and open minds who are eager to understand the holistic histories and contemporary concerns of American Indian and Indigenous peoples regionally, nationally, and globally.

A minor in Native American Studies provides students with the cross-cultural understanding, critical thinking, creative problem-solving skills, and global perspectives.

Native American Studies faculty at MSU-Northern strives to create an intellectual framework for academic and community-focused research and teaching.

Native American Studies graduates will leave MSU-N prepared to enter graduate school programs or careers in health care, education, fine arts, digital and media production, non-profit organizations, business and entrepreneurship, tribal governance, environmental resource management, law and policy, and many others.

If you are interested in an undergraduate education whose core values strive to provide a meaningful education that supports local Native American communities and larger indigenous constituencies, then consider a minor in Native American Studies. Please contact the NAS Program with any questions you may have at


Paul McKenzie-Jones 
   Office: Cowan Hall 301
   Phone: (406) 945-9209
   Twitter: @NASXProf_PMJ