English (5-12) BSEd Program

Inspire the Next Generation's Language and Literature Skills

A secondary education degree from Montana State University – Northern prepares you for a rewarding career focusing on children in their formative years. Graduates with a BSEd English degree will be eligible for a recommendation for a Standard Class II Educator License.

  • English teaching degree, MSU-N's English teaching degree offers a wide range of coursework from general coursework to core subjects on the English language.
  • Complete a degree that prepares you for English teacher jobs post-college.
  • Campus is nestled in the cozy town of Havre, where you will benefit from small class sizes and personalized attention.

Bachelor's in Elementary Education, Secondary Education Degree, English 5-12: Student Centered. Cultural Diversity.

  • Learn the fundamentals of speech and interpersonal communication through the MSU-Northern's English teacher degree.
  • Integrate the essentials of the English language with historical and contemporary literature with a secondary education degree in English.

English Education Faculty: Passionate Educators. Creative Mentors.

  • Be mentored by faculty that has years of experience in the classroom.
  • Study alongside instructors that mentor students past their secondary education degree.

English Teaching Degree Classes: Stimulating. Rewarding.

Reading and Writing English – Sharpen your skills to create and plan methods of reading and writing English.

Curriculum Planning and Classroom Management – Participate in developing curriculums to inspire students.

Alternative Languages –Engage students with the historical Native American language and literature, while incorporating other languages such as Spanish with a MSU-N English teaching degree.

In-Class Experience – create positive learning environments for students.

Secondary Education English Teacher Career Outlook

Earning a secondary education English degree gives you a niche in the secondary education field. We find that there is a consistent demand for teachers, and our placement rate for new teachers is also consistently high. Between now and 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an expected growth in the field that is above average compared to other professions.

English Advisors

Valerie Guyant 
   Office: Cowan Hall 306A
   Phone: (406) 265-4173

Gwen Hart
   Office: Cowan Hall 302B
   Phone: (406) 265-3563

Education Advisors

Jennifer Anderson
   Office: Cowan Hall 104 F
   Phone: (406) 265-3757