Reading Specialist Minor

Develop Expert Skills to be an Elementary Reading Teacher or Specialist

MSU-Northern's Elementary Education reading minor prepares you to teach reading at the K-12 level. The program concentrates on pedagogy, assessment and learning development, and is designed for students who wish to pursue a career as a reading specialist, elementary reading teacher, or in another related field.

  • Take courses on teaching methods, literacy, curriculum and literature.
  • Foster the skills needed to work effectively with children who struggle with reading and to develop successful reading programs in schools through the Elementary Education Reading minor.

Reading Minor: A Well-Rounded Education Background

  • Incorporate reading in the elementary classroom to boost students' performance across the board.
  • Become a more versatile educator with reading minor training.

Reading Education Minor Faculty: Engaged Educators. 

Adequate reading skills along with critical thinking are a vital foundation for scholastic progression. By fostering students' reading skills, teachers with the Reading Specialist training are helping develop lifelong success. The MSU-Northern Reading Specialist minor adds a specialty to your elementary education degree so you have more to offer employers.

  • Fulfill an Elementary Education licensure minor for those who plan to be elementary reading teachers with the Reading Specialist program.
  • Prepare to work with learners at the middle and high school levels.
  • Receive K-12 endorsement and enhance the literacy and language skills of all students.

Reading Minor Faculty: Dedicated Professionals. Skilled Instructors.

  • Learn from professors in the reading specialist classes who understand the need for effective early intervention for struggling readers.
  • Learn from educators who focus on developing solid solutions for today's issues.
  • Work closely with professors who consistently seek the latest in education theory.

Reading Minor Courses: Focused. In-Depth.

Helping Struggling Readers - Learn how to assess the needs of struggling reader and writers and develop corrective strategies through reading minor curriculum.

Reading Teaching Methodology - Cover the fundamentals of teaching reading to students, from phonics to literature.

Age-appropriate - Learn how building the reading skills of early readers differs from adolescent readers.

Career Outlook for Elementary Reading Teachers

Career opportunities for individuals with elementary education degrees increase with the addition of minors like reading. Teachers who specialize in helping students with additional needs are in great demand. MSU-Northern already experiences high placement rates for our elementary education program. Adding the reading minor opens up positions in K-12 settings.


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