Welcome to the Activities & Events Office!


The Activities & Events Office endeavors to consider the needs of our customers (current and prospective students and their families, staff, faculty and Havre community members), by promoting diverse creative entertaining activities; quality entertainers, Intramural & Recreation activities, while collaborating with organizations both on and off campus, all of which should enhance the educational experience.

Register your club or organization today!

Student organizations are required to register EVERY academic year. Here is a list of Montana State University-Northern clubs and organizations. Registration forms are to be completed and turned in to the Student Union Information Desk before any club activities or fundraisers are held on campus. All clubs should elect an Inter Organizational Council (IOC) representative to attend weekly IOC meetings in the Student Union Building (SUB).

Registered student organizations have access to funding support through the Associated Students of MSU-Northern Student Senate, free meeting space, and the use of a mailbox in the SUB!