Application Process

Step 1:

Come to Cowan Hall 211.

Step 2:

Fill out an SSS application for the current academic year.

Some things you will need to complete your application:

  • Whether either of your parents had a 4-year college degree before you turned 18
  • If you did file for Financial Aid, then the Financial Aid Office will complete line 21 of the SSS Application
  • If you did not file for Financial Aid, then you must bring in your 2009 Taxes and if you are under 24 then bring your parents 2009 taxes for the SSS Office to obtain the information needed.

When you turn in your application:

  • Attach a copy of your class schedule for the upcoming semester to your application.
  • If you have a disability and would like to have accommodations made for you: Bring in a copy of your doctor's documentation stating your disability. This paperwork is confidential, and is required for us to be able to arrange accommodations for you.
  • Take a few minutes to talk with Betty, SSS Administrative Assistant, about your eligibility for the SSS program, and discuss some of the ways that we can help you.

Step 3:

Get your picture taken for your SSS file. Your SSS ID card will be issued to you. You must show your SSS ID card when receiving services from the SSS Office, such as a tutor.

Step 4:

Stop in to talk with Allan, SSS Counselor, he will explain what you can expect from SSS and what we have to offer you. At this time you will complete a Needs Assessment Form, it is easy to complete and only takes a minute or two. The form gives us valuable insight into what we can do to provide or help you succeed at the college level.