Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to pay for being in Student Support Services?
    NO!! The services are absolutely FREE.
  2. On the SSS Application I am required to put down my and/or my parents Adjusted Gross
    Income for the previous year. Why?

    The SSS Program is a Federally funded program to help the economically disadvantaged student according to the federal standards (there is a federal income table that we go by). This is confidential information and is used only to determine SSS eligibility.
  3. How can the counselors help me?
    Counselors can help you in many ways. Our SSS counselor will work with you to make sure your individual needs and concerns are being taken care of. The counselor is here to consult with you regarding your academic progress, inform you about academic polices, advocate for you with faculty and staff, and refer you to tutoring services. Personal counseling is available. Counselors also provide information on majors, careers and career trends, and financial information.
  4. What kind of personal counseling does SSS provide?
    If you have concerns about personal relationships, family problems, financial issues and health problems, you should consult your SSS counselor. The counselor will advise and assist you with strategies for resolving or coping with your concerns. All conversations will be confidential. The counselor will make referrals to professional services and agencies within and outside of Northern.
  1. Will I receive any financial aid if I am in the SSS Program?
    Although we would like to give you financial aid, we are not able to do so. We provide you with information about financial aid, and we encourage you to sign up for federal work study when applying for Financial Aid. There are many work study opportunities on Northern's campus. The SSS Office will lead you in the right direction for help in finding out about awards, grants, scholar ships, internships, and jobs.
  2. How can I receive tutoring services?
    We have a team of tutors that are in the tutor lab at various times throughout the week. You can check the schedule online or in the SSS office. If you would like to set up a certain date and time to be tutored, or you don't see the subject you need help with online, come in to the SSS office and Pat will help you get scheduled/get a tutor for you.
  3. Does SSS have a place I can come to study or use the computer?
    Yes we do! The SSS Tutor/Computer Lab, located in the northwest corner of CH 211, has computers, printer, TV/VCR combo, comfortable couch and tables/chairs. We encourage you to not only use this are for study but also for place to relax.
  4. Can I receive general help with term papers, assignments and reports?
    Yes!! You can either have your own individual tutor for general help or you can use the SSS Tutoring/Computer Lab in Cowan Hall 211. The Lab has tutors there that can help in the math, English, and science classes. The Lab is open Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Watch for the announcement of Lab evening hours.
  5. Do I have to participate in all SSS activities?
    No, but we encourage you to. Not only is SSS concerned about your academic success, but we know you need a social/cultural life. SSS activities give you a chance to meet other students (and families) and have fun away from the books. Some type of gathering is usually held each month SSS provides tickets to MSU-Northern theatre productions and tickets to the Havre Community Concerts.
  6. Can I receive help in study skills techniques, assessing and exploring my career options?
    Yes!! We have two classes that can help you. TRST 102 STUDY SKILLS is dealing with the basic skills and techniques you need to succeed in college: time management tips, note taking, test taking skills, memory techniques, reading strategies, research methods, resource information and more. The TRST 103 LIFE TRANSITION & CAREER EXPLORATION class is extensive self assessment, developing transition skills, exploring career options and making better informed educational and career choices. This is an especially good class for the student who has not declared a major yet. Each is a one credit class that can be applied toward your college degree.
  7. Does SSS have materials such as videos and books I can use or checkout?
    Yes, we have books, videos, audio tapes, and pamphlets that are available for you to checkout. Topics range from careers, employment interviews, peer pressure, drug and alcohol, active learning techniques, how to study, managing stress, college experiences, health, math, English, spelling, grammar and many others.
  8. How will I know what is happening or what activities are going on with SSS?
    We have an excellent web page:, click on Student Support Services in the drop down list for information and activities. You will find list of events when and where, copies of the monthly newsletters, college survival tips, study skills and techniques, and a list of tutors that are available. SSS will also have articles and a calendar of events in the school newspaper paper The Northern Light. Posters of upcoming events are always posted on bulletin boards around campus. The SSS Office will try to email students about events.