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Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program home page
Montana Guaranteed Student
Loan Program
US Department of Education Financial Aid Homepage

To Be Eligible for Financial Aid You Must...

  • Be a US Citizen or eligible non-citizen,
  • Be working on toward a degree or certificate,
  • Show financial need (except for Stafford unsubsidized loans)
  • Not owe a refund on Federal grant or be in default on Federal educational loan.
  • All males (18-26) should be registered with the Selective Service or have a letter of approval from the selective service that would state that they don't need to register


To fill out the Free Application for the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you need:

  • Your Social Security number and driver's license or ID.
  • If you are not US Citizen, you also need your Alien registration number.
  • Your (& your spouse's, if you are married) 1040 Tax form or other records of income for the previous year. (If you filed 1040 and can not find the copy, call 1-800-829-1040 to get the summary of 1040).
  • If you are dependent* you also need your parents' 1040 or other records of income.
  • Records of Business, Stock, Bonds, & other investments (if any).
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