Who is my advisor?

Your assigned advisor will be listed in MyInfo. To find your advisor:

  1. Log into the secure area of MyInfo:
    1. Enter your User ID (your student ID number with the leading dash)
    2. Enter your PIN number
  2. Go to Student Services
  3. Click on Registration
  4. Select Check Your Academic Advisor

Advisor and Advisee Responsibilities

Advisors will:

  • Be knowledgeable about advisee's program sheet, college programs, policies and procedures
  • Encourage and guide students to define and develop realistic educational goals
  • Be aware of scheduling issues or patterns that could affect advisee's plan of study
  • Listen carefully to questions, concerns, and confusions
  • Listen and respect students as individuals with unique needs, abilities, and interests
  • Provide students with accurate information and follow-up if any questions are left unanswered

Advisees will:

  • Become knowledgeable about college programs, policies and procedures
  • Make appointments with advisor for registration every semester
  • Keep a personal record of academic progress
  • Accept responsibility for academic decisions, performance and accept the challenge that college coursework provides
  • Listen to and respect the advisor as a professional who has the student's best interest in mind