About MSUN Alert

MSUN Alert is a notification system to deliver critical information to MSU-Northern students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. The system delivers emergency messages through text messaging and e-mail. The system is being used for all of MSU's affiliate campuses.

Enrollment in MSUN Alert is free and voluntary. If you do not enroll in the system, you will not receive emergency alert messages through this system. Enrollment is strongly recommended.

Enrollment is easy and takes only a few seconds!

MSUN Alert will only be used for emergency notifications, testing and maintenance of the system. Tests are expected to be conducted once a year. You will not receive spam through the MSUN Alert system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
Students, parents, faculty, staff and community members can register by going to the sign up page and entering your mobile number and/or email address. You will receive a text confirming that you have opted into the alert system to receive emergency notifications.

How will I know when a text is from MSUN Alert?
Your MSU-Northern Alert messages will come to you from the number 69310. Program this number as “MSUN Alert” in your phone. That way, you will know when MSU-Northern is texting you.

What type of alerts will I receive?
You will only receive emergency notifications and campus closings issued by MSU-Northern. If you choose, you may also receive severe weather alerts.

Does MSUNAlert cost anything to use?
There is no cost for an individual who has registered for the alerts; however, if your calling plan doesn't include text messaging your cell phone carrier will charge you to receive text messages, so please check your plan.

Will all cell phone carriers deliver MSU-Northern Alert messages?

Will I receive ads or SPAM on my phone?
No. The system will only be used for emergency messages.

Can I register my parents or other family members to receive alerts?

I don’t use text messages. Can I receive MSUN Alerts by email?

What if my cellular number changes during the year?
You are responsible for keeping your account up-to-date. MSU Alert has no way of knowing if you are using a different cellular number unless you make changes to your account. Changing information is easy - see the next quest. After you have unsubscribed, go through the subscription process again with your new number.

How do I unsubscribe?
Go to the sign up page, click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom, and enter the phone number or email address you subscribed with. Or text STOP to 69310.