Be Aware when Saving Files using Box Edit...

If you use Box Edit to edit and save files back to their location on Box be aware that a temporary file is also created and stored locally on your computer. These temporary files will remain on a Windows computer for 7 days and on a Mac for 21 days.

This is important for those who deal with data types that are appropriate to store on Box, but are not appropriate, because of policy, to store on a laptop or desktop PC. Some example data categories include FERPA data such as grades and records, student or employee ID numbers, or data classified as Restricted. Please refer to MSU-Northern's Data Stewardship Standards for more information.

If data should not be stored locally, temporary files can be manually deleted. Visit Box's Edit Overview and FAQs and scroll down to the sections How long are files edited by Box Edit stored? and Where does Box Edit store edited files? to learn where to go to delete Box temporary files.