Annual Pow Wow: 2009-2010 Princesses

Baby MSUN 2009-2010  

Maleah Raye Morsette

Maleah is a Chippewa Cree from Rocky Boy. She is 3 years old and has been dancing since age 1 when she learned to walk.Maleah is a Fancy Shawl dancer and she practices all the time. She is currently a student in the Havre Head Start and she likes to sing. Her parents are Willdette & Mike Morsette. Grandparents are Gloria Little Owl & Henry Duran and Debra & Joe Morsette.


Lil Miss MSUN
Nellie Rose King

Nellie is a Gros Ventre from Ft. Belknap and a student in Head Start. Her parents are Winona Runs Above and Mike King. Nellie is very creative with coloring, painting, and has a good story to go with each work of art. She makes friends easily and likes to play dress up princess. She has been dancing since she could walk and likes to dance both the Fancy Shawl & Jingle Dress dances like her Grandma Danna Runs Above. She is currently attending Ballet & Tap classes at North Star Dance Studio.

  Lil Miss MSUN 2009-2010

Miss Indian MSUN Jr. Princess 2009-2010  

Miss Indian MSUN
Junior Princess
Marselina Whiteman

Marselina is a Blackfeet and her hobbies are playing basketball, running, riding horses, reading books, and is currently learning to play the piano. She is a fancy dancer who started dancing when she was 3 years old. She travels throughout the U.S. and Canada participating in powwows. Marselina believes in keeping her culture and traditional values alive. She is a 4th grader at Napi Elementary and has received several awards in AR reading, spelling, and perfect attendance.


Miss Indian MSUN
Senior Princess
Christina Flansburg

Christina is GrosVentre/Cree from Ft. Belknap and a Fancy Dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk & loves to powwow. Christina has participated in Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Culture Club, FCCLA MAP program, and has been the Student Council President during her senior year at Hays/Lodgepole High School. Christina started working with five students — Joseph Quincy, Samantha Webb, Charlene Healy, & Charmayne Healy in 2008 to create a new law that established an American Indian Heritage Day that Montana celebrated for the first time on Friday, September 25, 2009. The holiday came about in large part because of the five determined students at Hays-Lodge Pole High School. Christina was the valedictorian of her graduating class at Hays/Lodgepole High School and is currently a freshman student at MSU-Northern. Christina’s parents are Terri Frey & James Flansburg.

  Miss Indian MSUN Sr. Princess 2009-2010