Multicultural Art

The Wanderer Kris Shaw 

"The Wanderer"
by Kris Shaw
January 2016


To start the year 2016, the MSUN Multicultural Center has invited Kris Shaw as the January artist. She is presenting “The Wanderer.” In her own words, “This painting is a collage using paper I made using watercolors and a recycled watercolor painting. The wanderer in the painting might be a nomadic Native following the seasons, a person travelling through a foreign country and learning new ways, or someone reading about far off lands and travelling in their imagination.” She adds “I have done artwork all my life, but I started with water color in 1995.”

Kris Shaw is well-known in the Havre art scene. She not only has a love for painting but also is a familiar musician in the area. She plays violin and mandolin in addition to singing. Being such a well-rounded artist, after questioning her about the importance of art in every day people’s life, she responded, “Art is so essential for every human being because it is an activity that acts as a de-stressor. Many ideas could be expressed without words. The aesthetic value of art enriches everyone’s lives; also art helps people arrive to conclusions in a variety of ways.” Shaw is member of the Havre Art Association and also is one of the founders of the High Plains Gallery in Havre, MT, which is a cooperative that first opened in 1993.


The MSUN Office of Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs (ODAMP) invites local and regional artists to exhibit their pieces, preferably those that have some link to multicultural themes. For more information, contact or call (406) 265-3589.