IDs and what they give you access to

Students have 2 main IDs that are used to access most IT services:

Banner ID - This ID is in the form of 8 numbers preceded by a dash (-).  Example: -12345678
This ID is used with a PIN to access MyInfo and the Password Reset Portal (first time only).

MyInfo gives you access to personal information such as transcripts, class schedules, grades, financial aid packages, etc.  

Password Reset Portal is the location where you set/change your NetID password.

NetID - is in the form of 1 letter, 2 numbers, 1 letter, 3 numbers.  Example: a12b786 
This ID is used with a password that can be set in the Password Reset Portal.  NetIDs are assigned after you register for classes.

Your NetID is used to access:

Logging into campus computers
Box (cloud storage) - Find out more...
MSUN Secure Wireless Network
Microsoft Office Software - Find out more...
Student email (Office 365) - Find out more...

Official Email

All students are set up with an official MSUN email address after they register for classes.  Student email addresses are in the format  This is separate from the email that is included in the Brightspace online learning environment.  Find out more...

Printing & Network Storage

Available printing balanceAll students receive a 500-page per semester quota paid by the student computer fee. Paper is charged at a flat rate of $.05 per page. If you need additional paper, you will need to visit Business Services in Cowan Hall 207 to add more paper to your account. When you log into the computers in the labs you will see a message box informing you of how much money you have left for printing.

All students have network storage, known as a "Z drive":, that have 250MB of storage. The Z drive is automatically mapped when you log onto any campus computer. 

Cloud storage is also available for students. Box student accounts come with unlimited storage, and the ability to share and access files easily from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Find out more...