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Box: Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use Box instead of other popular commercial cloud storage services?

Is Box replacing network drives on Rigel?

Do all MSU campuses have Box?
Who is eligible for a Montana State Box Account?

Do I have to use my Montana State Box account?

How much can I store in my Montana State Box account?

Can I get a group/departmental account created in Box?

I have a personal Box account, what will happen with that account?

How do I move content from a personal Box Account to my Montana State Box Account?

Why do I keep having to log in?

I am no longer attending/working for MSU-Northern. What will happen to my content saved in Box?

Tools, Resources & Supported Systems
What web browsers does Box work with?

Can I search my Box files?

What are Box apps and how are they used?

Should I use the Box Sync app if I am storing restricted information?

How do I unsync a folder or file?

Can I use 3rd party applications with Box?

What is Box University?

File Access, Uploading & Versioning
What happens if the owner of a folder leaves or wants to pass ownership to someone else?

Who has access to the information saved on my Montana State Box account?

What types of files can be uploaded to Box?

What is the file size limit when uploading?

Can I use FTP to migrate large amounts of data to Box?

What kind of files in Box can I open in my browser and edit using Microsoft Office Online?

Why are there so many versions of my document?

When content is deleted from Box, how long does it remain in the Box Trash folder?

Once deleted from trash, how long until it is permanently unrecoverable by Box on the back-end?

File Sharing and Collaboration
Why can't I find a collaborator when I try to invite them to a folder?

Why is my account automatically accepting collaboration invites?

Why can't an external user invite me to collaborate?

What is the difference between collaboration and shared links?

What types of content control do I have over people I have invited to collaborate?

How do I send a shared link?

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 Remember to Log out!  When you finish using Box, please log out to ensure your content remains secure. You can log out by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner, then selecting Log Out.