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MSU-Northern 2009-2010 Catalog
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EDUC 100 Foundations of Education
EDUC 259 Field Experience
EDUC 300/500 Introduction to Curriculum Planning and Practice
EDUC 302/502 Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
EDUC 304/504 Methods of Teaching Elementary Science
EDUC 306/506 Methods of Teaching Elementary Social Studies
EDUC 307/507 Methods of Teaching Elementary Integrated Mathematics and Science
EDUC 310/510 Methods of Teaching Integrated Creative Arts
EDUC 313/513 Methods of Teaching English
EDUC 321/521 Integrating Technology into Education
EDUC 325 Methods of Teaching History and Social Sciences
EDUC 334/534 Methods of Teaching the Integrated Language Arts
EDUC 335/535 Fundamental and Corrective Strategies in the Elementary Reading Program
EDUC 336/536 Integrated Field Experiences
EDUC 339 Secondary Field Experience
EDUC 347/547 Speech, Hearing, & Language Development of the Pre-School Child
EDUC 351/551 Diversity and Technology in the Classroom
EDUC 353/553 Health Enhancement for Elementary Education
EDUC 361/561 Traffic Safety Education I
EDUC 362/562 Traffic Safety Education II
EDUC 363/563 Motorcycle Safety
EDUC 365/565 Motor Vehicle Law and Enforcement
EDUC 376/576 Assessment in Education
EDUC 380/580 Classroom Environment and Management
EDUC 400 Elementary Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDUC 425 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science
EDUC 430/530 Integrating Indian Education for All Across the Curriculum
EDUC 440/540 Assessment in the Remedial Reading Program
EDUC 445/545 Teaching Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Skills Across the Curriculum
EDUC 448/548 Reading Materials for the Elementary Child
EDUC 450 Secondary Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDUC 455 Advanced Practicum in Education
EDUC 475 Elementary and Secondary Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDUC 515 Seminar in Online Course Design
EDUC 523 Teaching and Technology I-Standards
EDUC 524 Methods of Teaching History and Social Sciences
EDUC 557 Safety Education
EDUC 573 Learning Technologies Assessments
EDUC 603 Curriculum Foundations and Design
EDUC 606 Research Methods
EDUC 607 Educational Measurement and Statistics
EDUC 608 Multimedia Communications in Education
EDUC 623 Learning Technologies
EDUC 625 Assessment & Evaluation
EDUC 627 Supervision of Student Teachers and Field Practicum Students
EDUC 628 Teaching and Technology II - Activities
EDUC 630 General School Administration and Finance
EDUC 633 Supervision of Instruction
EDUC 636 Foundations of Early Childhood Education
EDUC 638 Evaluation and Assessment of the Pre-School Child
EDUC 640 School Law
EDUC 648 Advanced Learning Theory
EDUC 650 Critical and Creative Thinking in Learning
EDUC 652 Learning Systems: Theory and Design
EDUC 654 Graduate Seminar
EDUC 658 Enhancing Learning Through Content
EDUC 670 K-12 Curriculum
EDUC 672 K-12 School Administration & Supervision
EDUC 673 Management of Learning Technologies
EDUC 674 Problem Solving Strategies
EDUC 675 Achieving Student Outcomes Through Cooperative Learning
EDUC 677 Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences
EDUC 678 Teaching Through Learning Channels
EDUC 680 Internship
EDUC 681 K-12 Principal Internship Seminar and Internship
EDUC 698 Graduate Research

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