We will review your resume and cover letter

The coordinators at the Career Center will review a resume and cover letter you have already composed and provide suggestions. Our coordinators are professionals here to assist you in your job search and can provide tips based upon experience and current trends. This service is free of charge for all Northern students.

Download a Resume Template:   Word 2007      Word 97-2003

The Ten Commandments of a Good Resume

  1. Thou shall use quality paper and reproduction services.
  2. Thou shall not go beyond two pages unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Thou shall stress relevant accomplishments and marketable skills with action verbs.
  4. Thou shall be honest and accurate.
  5. Thou shall minimize personal data.
  6. Thou shall select a format that best suits your qualifications.
  7. Thou shall cite numbers and specifics whenever possible.
  8. Thou shall proofread carefully.
  9. Thou shall answer the question: "Why should the employer hire me?"
  10. Thou shall always include a customized cover letter.