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Distance Fee Descriptions

Descriptions of Fees for Distance Learning Courses
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
On Campus Fees

REGISTRATION FEE Every student is charged a $30 Registration Fee each semester. This administrative fee is not refundable.

TUITION The Tuition is $125.16 per credit for undergraduate lower division students and $157.23 per credit for undergraduate upper division and post-baccalaureate students, and $193.31 for graduate students, except 12 to 18 credits, where tuition does not increase. Students who are not residents of Montana for fee purposes pay an additional $419.17 per credit. Students participating in the Western Undergraduate Exchange and qualifying Canadian Residents pay $187.72 per credit for undergraduate lower division and $235.84 per credit for undergraduate upper division, and do not pay the non-resident tuition. Qualifying graduate Canadian Residents pay $289.95 per credit. Tuition partially supports the cost of classroom instruction.

COMPUTER FEE The Computer Fee is $3.14 per credit per semester, except 12 to 18 credits, where fees do not increase. The computer Fees collected from students are used to purchase computer equipment for instructional use.

BUILDING FEE Students enrolling for 10 to 18 credits will be assessed a $125.20 per semester Building Fee. Students enrolling for other than 10 to 18 credits will also pay a building fee that is dependent upon the number of credits for which they are enrolled. Non-Residents are charged an additional $3.65 per credit, except 12 to 18 credits, where fees do not increase. The Building Fee revenue is used to pay the costs of constructing and renovating auxiliary buildings.

LEWISTOWN BUILDING FEE In addition, students on the Lewistown campus are charged $55.00 per credit (maximum $660.00 per semester) for operation and maintenance of the new facility in Lewistown.

EQUIPMENT FEE The Equipment Fee is $4.26 per credit per semester, except for 12 to 18 credits, where fees do not change. Funds generated from this fee are used to purchase equipment for instructional use.

TECHNOLOGY FEE The Technology Fee of $3.82 per credit, except 12 to 18 credits, where fees do not increase. This fee was established to help pay for the cost of implementing Banner, an administrative software package which unites data from all college departments resulting in greater efficiency in all areas of record-keeping.

DISTANCE LEARNING FEE Depending on the distributed learning medium, a distance delivery charge will be assessed. The fees per semester for the various locations are as follows: Great Falls $30 per credit; Lewistown $30 per credit. Cohorts $30 per credit; On-Line courses $63 per credit. Funds generated by this fee support the costs of providing instructional programs at outreach sites.

LIBRARY FEE The Library fee of $12.52 per semester will be used for the purpose of enhancing library resources available to students both on the Havre campus and at distance sites. This is a student-initiated fee.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) INFRASTRUCTURE FEE The IT Infrastructure Fee of $4.76 per credit per semester, except 12 to 18 credits, where fees do not increase. This fee will be used for life-cycle maintenance/replacement of the university's central and instructional computing and networking systems

ACADEMIC FACILITIES FEE The Academic Facilities fee of $3.92 per credit per semester (with a maximum of $47.04 per semester) will be used to renovate classrooms and lab both at the Havre campus and at distance sites.

SUSTAINABILITY FEE This fee funds efforts toward promoting sustainable practices on MSU-Northern's campuses. Each student is charged $7.50 per semester.

COURSE FEE Course fees are charged in varying amounts for some classes. The Board of Regents approves these fees, which are used to purchase consumable classroom materials used by students.

APPLICATION FEE This is a one-time fee of $30, charged to all first-time enrolling undergraduate and graduate students. It is not refundable.

DEFERRED PAYMENT FEE Students are charged an administrative service fee of $30 for establishing an installment contract. The fee is used to help offset the college's costs in setting up and maintaining the student payment accounts. If the account is paid in full before the first payment due date, this fee is reversed.

LATE REGISTRATION FEE The $40 Late Fee is charged to students who complete their registration, including fee arrangements, after the published deadline. An additional $40 is assessed to students who register, with University approval, after the 15th day of instruction.

LATE PAYMENT FEE FOR DEFERRED CONTRACTS Installment contracts establish due dates for each payment of fees. Board of Regents policy requires a late payment fee of $15 for each payment that is made after the due date.

STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE : Health insurance is mandatory whenever you are enrolled for six or more academic credits. MSU-Northern offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to students at a reasonable rate. If a student has other coverage, a waiver must be signed and the premium will be reversed. Students without health insurance who wish to purchase it from the University must pay $1464.00 each for Fall and Spring Semester. Payment of these two premiums results in coverage for 12 full months. More details: Student Health Insurance Plan

GRADUATION FEE This fee of $30 is used to pay for the costs associated with graduation. This includes the cost of processing graduation papers as well as the commencement exercise and diploma.

NEW STUDENT FEE This one-time fee of $44 is charged to all first-time enrolling students. Monies collected are used to provide orientation activities for the student