Alumni Scholarships

Keith Clawson Memorial Alumni Scholarships, $500 each:
  1 Non-Traditional Student Scholarship: Recipient must be 21 years or older, full-time enrollment (12 credits or more). Financial aid application must be on file with Financial Aid Office; evidence of community involvement; must write self-essay and provide a letter of recommendation from anyone other than a family member. Selection is made by the Alumni Association committee.  PDF Application
  1 Single Parent Scholarship: Recipient must have a 2.5 or better GPA; active in extra-curricular activities; must write self-essay and provide a letter of recommendation from anyone other than a family member. Must be a single parent with child/children residing in household. The Alumni Association committee makes the selection.  PDF Application
Class of 1941Top
  1 Scholarship (Preference given to a relative of a '41 alum)  PDF Application
Alumni Athletic Scholarships, $750 each:Top
  5 Scholarships, Awarded to deserving athletes in conjunction with the Northern Athletic Department. Student must be a Montana resident with preference given to students whose parent(s) attended Northern. Selection is made by the respective coaches and forwarded to the Alumni Association.  
Alumni Association Fine Arts Scholarship, $750:Top
  1 Awarded to a student involved in art or theatre, recipient determined by Arts & Sciences department  
Alumni Graduate Student Scholarship, $600Top
  1 Awarded to a student who will be attending MSU-Northern as a graduate student during the next academic school year and attending on the Havre campus. Must be enrolled at least half time (6 or more credits)  PDF Application

To apply contact the MSU-Northern Admissions, Financial Aid or Alumni offices for the application forms and criteria.

Admissions: x3704
Financial Aid: x3787
Alumni: x3711

Details on Other Scholarships offered


Chancellor's Scholarships 

Katherine Morningstar Scholarships

Livingston Rebuild Center Scholarships

VICA - Industrial Technology Endowment

English Drama - Theatre Achievement

James & Helen Hall Endowment

George W. Hall Memorial Endowment

Bernhard & Dagne Storvik Endowment

Helen Patrick Memorial Endowment

Albert Hogeland Memorial Endowment

John Chris Musgrove Memorial Endowment

Louise (V.B.) Wagner Endowment

Fern & Evan Miller Memorial Endowment

Palmer & Opal Havskjold Endowment

Gordon Clarke Memorial Endowment

Sophia H. Hockett Memorial Endowment

Gertrude H. (Dolly) Woods Endowment

Tom Sawyer Memorial Endowment

L. Bogut / D. Eskestrand Memorial Endowment

Ethel C. Wallace Endowment

Ron Smith Memorial Endowment

Linden Gustafson Memorial Endowment

Dr. G.H. Vande Bogart Memorial Endowment

Mrs. G.H. (Ruth) Vande Bogart 

Otto M. Rigg Endowment

Jeanne & John Barber Endowment

AMCA Endowment

William S. Green Endowment

Louis W. & James F. Hagener Endowment

P.E.O. Chapter AZ Endowment

Karen & Duane Taylor Endowment

Robert A. Goetzman Endowment

Koefod Fine Arts Endowment

First Bank Scholarship Endowment

Golden Rule Endowment

Jamruszka / Dramstad Endowment

Marcus Sluiter Endowment

Addie Sanguine Lammerding Endowment

Havre Ford Quasi Endowment

Norwest Bank, Havre Endowment

Next Century Fund - Athletics Scholarship
  Leslie & Terri Kaercher Ag Endowment

Russell Surean Memorial Endowment

Janet Walters Memorial Endowment

Touran Partridge Memorial Endowment

Donald Mills Memorial Endowment

Mildred & Charles Keene Endowment - 

BN Foundation James & Mittie Erickson Endowment

Marcus Sluiter Endowment

Goller Family Endowment

Joseph R. Crowley Scholarship

Ron Smith Memorial Scholarship

Lloyd & Audrey Kaercher Endowment

Robert A. Patterson Memorial Endowment

Edward L. Bogut Memorial Endowment

Ralph L. Dunham Endowment

Lois & Leo Kraft Unrestricted Endowment

Irene Ruyle Baker Endowment

Beckman Engineering Endowment

Mildred & Charles Keene Endowment

Elizabeth Jestrab - Chaffee Endowment

Ed Morrison Memorial Endowment

Pryde Skinner Endowment

Goller Family Endowment

Lucille Ziebarth Endowment

Jolyn Young Endowment

Marian Bainbridge Elmslie Endowment

We Love NMC Endowment

Ralph A. Sleeter Endowment

Kevin Yeager Memorial Endowment

Edith Van Buskirk Memorial Endowment

Tomy Bryant Revolving Loan Endowment

Harrison Lane Endowed Scholarship

Dr. James & Helen Athearn Endowment

Indus Tech Quasi Endowment

Isabell Ramlo Nursing Memorial

Class of '41 Endowment

Frances Gau Facey Memorial Endowment

Math Science Club Endowment

Lorraine Hockett Endowment

Helen Kiesling Endowment

George & Minnie Myrhaugen Endowment

Tom Filler Endowment