Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: April 16, 1985
Revised: April 2007
Review Date: April 2009
Responsible Party: Chancellor

The Montana State University-Northern Wellness Committee is established by the Chancellor.

The Committee is composed of five members: 2 faculty, 2 staff and 1 retiree, who have expressed an interest in supporting a wellness lifestyle.


  • The Committee should meet at least once each semester, the Wellness Director serves as chair of the Committee.
  • The Committee serves as an advisory team to the director to: (1) provide feedback on the needs of the campus (2) provide advice on planning, implementation and evaluation of programming and activities (3) provide feedback on the program’s annual plan (4) provide evaluation feedback on the program.
  • The Committee members serve as “conduits” of information to the campus regarding wellness programming and activities.
  • The members serve as catalysts for improving wellness on the campus.
  • The Committee members may be asked to volunteer to assist with implementation and operation of various wellness activities.