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Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual
Section 1000: Campus Policy
1003.3 Aids
Effective: March 1, 1993
Revised: February 2008
Review Date: February 2010
Responsible Party: Human Resources/Student Health Services

Montana State University-Northern will refer to the guidelines set forth in the American College Health Association Special Report, AIDS on the University Campus (1989), (as updated from time to time) for guidance in resolving issues relating to the AIDS issue on campus. It will also incorporate standards set by the 1991 Montana AIDS Prevention Act. The reports are available from the Library, Chancellor's office, Student Affairs office, Student Health and Wellness Center, and the Physical Plant office.

Specifically, as recommended in that report, the University will take the following actions:

Also, as recommended by the American College Health Association, the University shall not:

  1. engage in mandatory testing of employees or students;
  2. dismiss employees based on the fact that they have AIDS or the AIDS virus;
  3. exclude from enrollment or deny financial aid to students based on the fact that they have AIDS or the AIDS virus;
  4. disclose the identity of students or employees who have AIDS or the AIDS virus, except as authorized by law or as recommended by the relevant guidelines of the American College Health Association.