Q: Who can enroll, what are the entrance requirements?

A: You must be an enrolled Apprentice with the Montana State Dept. of Labor and Industry to take these courses, and be 18 years or older. Read the Montana State Dept. of Labor's "Steps to Becoming a Registered Apprentice"

Q: When are the classes available?

A: These courses are provided as an individualized course of study, so you can take them when you want and at your own pace! They can be taken the old paper and pencil method or you can complete the classes through an on-line course of study. They are available to any registered apprentice that has purchased the class.

Q: How can I get a current class schedule?

A: The classes the apprentice needs to complete are determined by the Montana Department of Labor Field Representative and the employer. All the plumbing and Electrical courses are available all the time.

Q: When or how do I register for a Class? How do I pay for a class?

A: To register for a course, simply purchase the course from MSU-Northern Related Training Program and complete at your own pace.

Registration Options
Mail In Person Telephone FAX
Related Training Program
P.O. Box 7751
Havre, MT 59501-7751
MSU-Northern Campus
Brockmann Center 207
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
406.265.3559 or
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
Methods of Payment:
Credit Card, Money Order, or Check

Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, or Check Credit Card Only Credit Card only

Q: How many classes can I take at one time?

A: These courses can be taken in any order, but please check with the DLI (Department of Labor & Industries) for assistance.

Q: Are there textbooks and supplies I need to pay for?

A: All text books and course information is provided in the purchase price of the course. You can call 406-265-3559 or 406-265-3567 to purchase courses or click on the link for purchasing a course.

Q: How long do I have to complete the class?

A: As an apprentice in the state of Montana you must complete 15 courses of study within a 5 year time frame, before you can take your Journeyman’s Exam. We suggest that to complete at least 3 course of study per year to stay on track. There is no penalty for completing the classes early!

Q: How do I take the exams if I do not live in Havre?

A: We have an agreement with all the Montana Job Service/Workforce Centers to proxy our final exams. At times, in remote locations, High School counselors can proxy the exams.

Q: Are classes ever canceled?

A: Never!! At times there are delays in the classes as new text books are entered in the system. Rarely is there more than a 24 hour delay in the courses while this is being completed.

Q: What are your policies?

A: The cost of each course is listed in our price sheet. If you get laid off or quit the apprentice program, we will accept a book return, if the edition is currently being used. Once you start the course work, we will not refund the packet price portion of the course.

Q: Will I get a grade? Can I receive college credit for these classes?

You are required to score at least 70% to pass any Related Training course. Once you have passed all the courses and completed your Journeyman’s Exam, MSU-Northern can grant up to one year credit towards your Associates degree in Plumbing or Electrical Technology