Montana State University-Northern
College of Technical Sciences
Industrial Technology BS

* The BS in Industrial Technology (non-teaching) is currently in Moratorium. We are not accepting new students into this program. Students currently enrolled will be able to complete this degree. This program is being reviewed and may become available in the future.

Program Overview

The Industrial Technology degree is designed to provide the technical depth and the general educational breadth to allow graduates to become successful in this field. The result is a graduate who is a professional that can work with people and technology.

Students taking the Industrial Technology major gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be prepared for the careers of the future.

Industry today requires graduates who are not only technically competent, but who can also function well as part of a management team. During the first two years of this degree the focus is on the hands on application of technical knowledge where students combine theory with practice. Students will take courses in a wide range of technical areas including woodworking, construction, machining, welding, manufacturing, drafting, and electronics. In addition, students broaden their educational experience by taking courses in communications, social sciences, humanities, and math and science. On approval of the Industrial Technology faculty, coursework leading to an AAS degree at MSU- Northern or at other accredited institutions can often be applied to meet many of the requirements of the skills courses. In addition students will also select a minor which allows them to focus on a specific area of interest. Typical minors would include business or one of the technical programs.

Career Opportunities

Demand is high for graduates with entry level positions usually involving the application of technical skills in a team environment often with limited supervisory functions. Graduates can anticipate starting salaries in the range of $25,000 to $45,000 depending on location. Admission is open to students who meet the college entrance requirements. Transfer students are also encouraged to consider this degree. Students needing preparatory course work may take longer than four years to complete the degree. Technical courses in high school would be valuable in preparing for the Industrial Technology degree.


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