College of Arts & Sciences, Education Faculty and Staff
Unless otherwise indicated, all phone numbers have the area code & prefix 406.265

Administration Office Phone e-mail
Carol Reifschneider, Dean Cowan Hall 105 3768
Virginia Braithwaite, Director of Education Field and Clinical Experiences, Associate Professor Cowan Hall 104E 3757
Administrative Support Office Phone e-mail
Jennifer Anderson, Education Cowan Hall 104 3571
Debra Bradley, Arts & Sciences Cowan Hall 105 3735

* COEASN Meeting Minutes *
Professors Office Phone e-mail
Steve Hesske Cowan Hall 306A 3751
Stephen Lockwood Cowan Hall 302B 3751
Mark Seiffert Cowan Hall 321B 3739
Darlene Sellers Hagener Science 115 3527
Curtis Smeby Cowan Hall 306C 3517
John Snider Cowan Hall 302D 4188
Joel Soiseth Pershing Hall 203 3501
Associate Professors Office Phone e-mail
Peter Hart Gym 229D 3719
Terri Hildebrand Hagener Science 205 3751
Gary Succaw Hagener Science 207 4153
Assistant Professors Office Phone e-mail
Randy Bachmeier Cowan Hall 312C 3522
Samantha Balemba-Brownlee Cowan Hall 306E 3528
Jack Beiger Cowan Hall 306D 3595
Vicki Clouse Hagener Science 219 3759
Jaime Duke Cowan Hall 315 3582
John Foley GFC B122 771-4375
Valerie Guyant Cowan Hall 302C 4173
Maureen Odegard Cowan Hall 104F 3516
Cristy Ozburn Cowan Hall 304 4169
Charles Pollington Hagener Science 216 4135
Chad Spangler Gym 229C 3514
Joey Todd Cowan Hall 104D 3524
Jamie Underwood Cowan Hall 312A 3526
Kasthuri Udayakumar Cowan Hall 315G 3529