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MSU-Northern is committed to maximizing the academic potential of our students and empowering them to build the skills, confidence and autonomy to succeed in reaching their academic goals.


We understand that as MSU-Northern transitions classes to online platforms due to COVID-19, you may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. We want you to know that you aren't alone and we are doing everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible! 

Tutoring Central will be offering all of the following resources as a means to assist with this online transition for MSU-Northern Students;

  • Virtual one-on-one tutoring for as many courses as possible.
    • Virtual tutoring will be made available by making an appointment in advance through Accudemia. Tutoring sessions themselves will likely be conducted through Skype for Business.
  • "Walk-in" tutoring sessions will be offered through Skype for Business.
    • Once you have set up your Skype for Business account and added our tutors to your "favorites", you'll be able to see who is available to assist you!
  • Skype for Business allows you to Chat, Audio Call, Video Call, screen share, and even set up meetings that can help you and your classmate(s) meet with a tutor at the same time!
  • The professional tutors will flex their schedules to be available for after-hours tutoring as needed.


We know some of you have already been working with a tutor on campus, feel free to reach out to them directly by clicking below!

Tutors  Subjects
Kirk Olsen M 105 / M 121 / M 162 / STAT 216 / CHMY 121 / BIOM 250 & More!
Alissa Cook WRIT 101/ WRIT 350 / WRIT 338 / COM 115 / Writing + Editing for all Subjects & More!
Morgaine Lomayesva M 121 / ACTG 201 / CHMY 121 / EDUC 507 / PHSX 205 / M 105 / CET 361 / CET 307 & More!
Katia Michelotti CHMY 121 / CHMY 141 / BIOB 101 / PHSX 205 / BIOH 201 / BIOH 104 / BIOB 160 / BIOE 370 & More!
Wylie Novak WRIT 101 / CJUS 220 / CJUS 330 / CJUS 230 / SOCI 211 & More!
Kaitlin Nystrom CHMY 121 / CHMY 141 / BIOB 101 / PHSX 205 / BIOH 201 / BIOH 104 / BIOB 160 & More!
Hailey Warren CHMY 121 / CHMY 141 / BIOB 101 / PHSX 205 / BIOH 201 / BIOH 104 / BIOB 160 / BIOE 370 & More!
Kassidy Williamson ACTG 201 / BGEN 105 & More!


Not sure who to meet with, no problem! Click the button below to Schedule a Tutor, or request a tutor by emailing tutoring@msun.edu!



If you aren't sure how to schedule an appointment with a tutor using Accudemia, or don't know how to set up Skype for Business. Tutoring Central has created a YouTube channel with all of those helpful "How-To's" in one great place! Check out our videos below or Visit Our YouTube Channel! 

How to: Request a Tutor MSUN: Skype for Business

Tutoring Central at MSU-Northern, under the Office of the Provost, is a collaborative effort of TRiO/Student Support Services, the Little River Institute, the Math Lab as well as faculty to provide MSU-Northern students access to experienced tutors in a wide range of disciplines.  Tutoring Central includes professional tutors and student tutors approved by faculty. If you have a request for tutoring, please e-mail tutoring@msun.edu and you will be placed with a tutor who specializes in your requested subject area.

Tutoring Central is under the direction of the MSU-Northern Tutoring Oversight Committee.

For questions regarding Tutoring Central or if you would like to apply to be a student peer tutor, please contact the MSU-N Tutoring Oversight Committee at tutoring@msun.edu.