Section 600: Student Affairs

Effective: June 1, 1987
Revised: Dec 2011
Review Date: Dec 2013
Responsible Party: Dean of Students


All students under 21 years of age with fewer than 30 credit hours are required to live in one of the residence hall options (Morgan Hall, MacKenzie Hall) and will be charged for room and board unless they have received an official exemption (PDF form) from the Assistant Dean of Students/Housing Director. Students eligible for exemptions include:

  • Married student
  • Student who is a single parent
  • Student who has completed one full academic year at Montana State University-Northern or at another college/university.
  • Student living at home (in Havre or within a 50-mile radius of Havre) with parent(s).
  • Student with less than seven credit hours for each semester of their first year at Montana State University-Northern.

Student who has not applied to the residence halls and has not received an exception will be charged the equivalent of a double room rate and the standard meal plan.

Exceptions. Requests for an exemption must be made to the Assistant Dean of Students/ Housing Director in writing and preferably in person when a student wishes to live at home with his/her parents.

Appeals. After the decision by the Assistant Dean of Students/Housing Director, the process of appeal is as follows: (1) Dean of Students/Registrar, and (2) Chancellor.