Section 200: Responsibilities of Administrative Officers

Effective: January 2009
Revised: March 2011
Review Date: January 2011; March 2013
Responsible Party: Director of Human Resources


It shall be the policy of Montana State University-Northern to formally evaluate the performance of all Classified/Classified Exempt Staff employees during their probationary period and then annually thereafter. Faculty, Coaches, Professional/ Administrative Employees, and Temporary Employees issued letters of appointment by the Chancellor and the Commissioner are excluded from this policy.


In order to conduct a systematic performance review of any employee, it is important that a complete role description for the position be developed and reviewed with the employee.

Prior to the annual review, the supervisor of record should:

  1. Thoroughly review the role description for the position under review;
  2. Review all past performance records of the employee for the previous year and current position;
  3. Prepare an evaluation of the employee using the MSUN Performance Evaluation. The supervisor is then to review with the employee the evaluation and discuss strengths and weaknesses, points of agreement and disagreement and, if necessary, prescribe corrective actions to be initiated during the coming year

All evaluations for Classified/Classified Exempt Employees shall be conducted by the supervisor of record.

All evaluations for Classified/Classified Exempt Employees are to be completed annually during the month of May.

Official evaluations will be kept in the personnel files in the Human Resources Office.