Section 1000: Campus Policy

Effective: November 9, 1988


Travel for Montana State-Northern faculty and staff is divided into three (3) categories:

Operational Travel: Travel directly connected to the operation of a program. Examples are:

  • Travel of student teacher supervisor to visit students
  • Field trip travel.
  • Athletic team travel - this would include scouting and recruiting.
  • Itinerant [vocational education] teaching.
  • Travel tours. All tours sponsored by or otherwise using the University name of Montana State University-Northern must be approved by the President prior to promoting or advertising the tour. Regularly scheduled intrastate field trips are exempt from this policy.

Administrative Travel: Travel to meetings at which the university must be represented. Examples of this type of travel are:

  • Travel of faculty and staff to attend meetings as representatives of Montana State University-Northern
  • Travel of faculty and staff to conferences and training sessions that will benefit significantly the entire campus community.
  • Accrediting Associations
  • Computer operations classes

Professional Growth and Development: Travel of which would generally improve the quality of performance of an individual faculty or staff member. Examples of this type of travel are:

  • Travel to attend a conference on a specific subject with benefit accruing primarily to the persons attending.
  • Travel to attend conference to deliver a paper, or to participate as a member of a panel.

The funding for these categories of travel will be handled in the following manner:

Operational travel will be allocated as an integral part of a responsibility center budget. The decisions on use of these funds will rest in the person responsible for that budget.

Administrative travel will be allocated to the responsibility center budget, for mandatory items. Funds for administrative travel for non-mandatory will be allocated to the responsibility center budget only after approval of the trip by the Chancellor.

Professional Growth and Development. A dollar figure will be allocated annually by the Chancellor to departments and other responsibility centers on the basis of the number of professional staff members. Units may combine allocations to support individuals, but may not go beyond annual budgeted allocations. Small departments and units may combine to form larger travel units. It should be remembered that the dollar figure allocated may vary from year to year.

Unanticipated Travel. The Chancellor will maintain a travel reserve to fund unanticipated mandatory travel and non-mandatory administrative travel for faculty and staff which is of significant institutional benefit.

Applicability. The above policies apply to travel funded from state dollars. Funds from other sources generally carry their own guidelines.

Campus Responsibilities. Care must be taken that classes and/or other responsibilities are properly attended to during the proposed absence from campus regardless of the funding source.

Travel Log. A log of all non-operational travel will be maintained in the Business Office. It will include the name of the traveler, destination, dates of trip, and purpose of trip. Funding source (state or non-state) will be indicated. The log will be open for inspection.

A university-sponsored event involving the use of commercial travel shall follow the state guidelines that are in effect at the time procurement of tickets is made.