Section 1000: Campus Policy

Effective: August 26, 2013
Revised: November 2015
Review: November 2017
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

The university environment is intended to be open so that students, faculty and staff can freely communicate in a collaborative environment. As a public institution, MSU Northern has few restrictions on who can enter or leave campus. However, given the times that we live in, the university community must be prepared to deal with hostile situations in a proactive manner.

As the nation, state and community develop plans to cope with various levels of threat, MSU-Northern is obligated to do its part to protect the safety of the university community. There are situations where lockdown of facilities or the campus may be necessary to afford this protection or gain control over a given situation.

An active shooter situation is defined as a suspect(s) actively discharging a firearm at Law Enforcement or Community members and or randomly firing into an area where it is reasonably expected that persons could be struck by the suspect(s) fire. These situations leave little or no time for proper planning and normally require first arriving Law Enforcement units to take immediate action to end the danger.

In the event of an active shooter incident the university will immediately institute the following lockdown protocol.

Lockdown Protocol

These lockdown procedures are developed in consultation with the Havre Police Department to ensure that both MSU Northern and the responding police officers have clear and defined roles during an emergency situation.

Notification of a lockdown situation to the campus community will be through the emergency notification channels including the emergency notification system, landline messaging and website updates.

If you find yourself in one of the following areas during a lockdown situation, the following actions are recommended:

  • In the Classroom or Your Office
    • If you are in a classroom, room or office, secure the door, remain low and out of sight, keep quiet and turn cellphones to silent.
    • If the door has no lock and the door opens in, a good heavy door wedge can be kept on hand and driven in as hard as you can, otherwise look for heavy furniture to barricade the door.
    • If the door has a window, cover it if you can.
    • If officers arrive on scene, when told it is safe to do so get out and move toward any police vehicle keeping your hands on top of your head and do exactly and immediately what the police tell you to do.
  • In Hallways or Corridors
    • If in the hallways, get in a room that is not already secured.
    • Unless you are very close to an exit, don't run through a long hall to get to one, you may encounter the gunmen or hostage taker.
    • Don't hide in restrooms.
  • In Large Rooms or Auditoriums
    • If in a large room or auditorium, (e.g. gym, theater, library) and the gunmen or hostage taker(s) are not present, move toward the external exits and get out if you can.
    • If police are present move toward any police unit. Again keeping your hands on your head. Do what the police tell you.
  • Trapped with the Gunman
    • If you are trapped with the gunmen, don't do anything to provoke them.
    • If they are not shooting, do what they say and don't move suddenly.
  • Open Spaces
    • Stay alert and look for appropriate cover locations. Brick walls, large trees, retaining walls, parked vehicles and any other object which may stop firearm ammunition penetration may be utilized as cover.


Once in a safe place stay put until the lock-down protocol has ended. Remain in the area until you have been released by emergency personnel.

Faculty and Staff are only authorized to release information to law enforcement and emergency service personnel. All public information will be released through MSU-Northern's designated representative.

Community counseling and debriefing resources will be alerted and made available.