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Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual
Section 800: Financial Affairs
804.3 Course Fees
Revised: February 2008
Review Date: February 2010
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor for Finance, Administration & Student Affairs


Special course fees may be established for courses when one or more of the following conditions exist for that course:


The following procedures will be followed for obtaining approval for adding and adjusting additional course fees.

  1. Complete a "Course Fee Request" form.
    a.   Explain the reason why new or additional fees should be charged and the use of the fee.
    b.   Describe the type of expenditures to be made.
    c.   Obtain necessary approvals from the Dean, and Provost.

  2. Submit the completed form to the Business Services by February 15 of each odd- numbered year. The Business Services will then submit the request to the Board of Regents (BOR) at their May meeting for approval.
  3. Beginning with the semester following BOR approval, the approved fees will be assessed to all students enrolling in the course. The fee will not be charged prior to BOR approval.
  4. Fees collected will be deposited in separate accounts. Use of the money in the account will be restricted to the purpose on the "Course Fee Request" form. Requests for expenditure must have the approval of the course instructor of record, the College Chair, College Dean and Provost.
  5. Balances in the accounts will be subjected to annual review.
    a.   Negative balances will not be permitted. Collections must be deposited in the account prior to expenditure.
    b.   If balances in the account become unjustifiably large, the fee will be reduced or eliminated.