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Vets Housing

In 1946 negotiations for the movement of World War II barracks from Gore Field in Great Falls began. These barracks provided 33 family dwellings: two no bedroom units, 16 one bedroom units, 11 two-bedroom units and four three bedroom units. Placed along the eastern edge of the campus, these units met the need for temporary housing for faculty, married students, and the large number of World War II veterans who returned to school in the post war period.

Although the units were regarded as temporary housing, they were in service for over 20 years. The smaller barracks units were located at what would be the 100 block on Eleventh Street. The other units were located on a continuation of Second Avenue and near the top of the hill. Collectively the units were known as Vets Housing. To the residents they were known as Upper and Lower Slobovia.

The transplanted barracks had virtually no protective foundation and little insulation. Water pipes froze regularly. Originally heated by coal stoves, natural gas was piped in with the pipe being welded and laid by campus crews. Streets were neither paved nor graveled. Entrances were makeshift wooden steps. When the units were no longer used in the 1960s, several were sold and moved to Beaver Creek Park for use as summer cabins. Others were dismantled. The total cost of the units was $840.73.

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