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Steve Wise, Dean of Students

Hi! Thanks for visiting our site.

I'm Steve Wise, dean of students and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about student life at Northern.

We had a busy summer and are in the middle of an even busier fall semester. Lots of really good things are happening on our campus and we are very excited about all that we will be able to accomplish for student life this semester.

You may know that we have a lot of construction going on campus this semester which is both exciting and challenging. We had to create new, temporary parking while the Diesel Technology Center and the property surrounding it is under construction. The walk from MacKenzie Hall to the Student Union Building, classrooms, the library, and just about all of the campus is a little longer as we await the completion of our new parking lots.

Our students are getting involved with student life and our campus projects more every day. Involvement in planning, prioritizing, programming events, and other activities has never been higher—but we can still use your help. At Northern, we count on our students to help us make the very best decisions for student life. That's why we continue to seek more and more involvement and input.

If you hope to go to college where you can make a big difference—I hope you will strongly consider Northern where your classroom experience will be enriched by opportunities to be actively involved in creating the future of student life.

Please feel free to call 406-265-4113 or email steven.wise@msun.edu me if you have any questions about Northern. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

For Northern and her students,



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