NorthPoints Card Rewards

MSU-Northern NorthCard


NorthPoints is a program developed to connect students to MSU-Northern's events and activities. We want all students to feel engaged while attending MSUN. What better way to become accustomed to your new adventure than by earning points for fantastic prizes just by getting involved with all MSUN has to offer!

Who Can Participate in Program?

ALL MSU-Northern students start earning NorthPoints at the beginning of each semester.

Start amassing points now, because many sweet prizes await! As you progress through college we encourage you to participate in school activities and continue developing on–campus relationships that will last a lifetime. Check out NorthPoint Events to start earning points now.

How can my Student Club/Organization or event become a Northpoint Event?

We are always looking for new student club/organizations or university offices/groups to partner with the Activities & Events Office to offer students more opportunities to earn Northpoints. Please contact Tammy Boles if you wish to partner with Activities & Eventsin order for your event/activity to award Northpoints.

How to earn points

  1. Attend a school-related activity
    Remember events are added regularly, so be sure to check in at each activity/event you attend to ensure you get your Northpoints.
  2. Utilize University Facilities
    Work out in the SUB Fitness Center and sign in and we will automatically give you points; hang out in the Lights Lounge and sign in – we will give you points.
  3. Bring your NorthCard and swipe
    To start accruing points, simply swipe your NorthCard and you will receive electronic NorthPoints. If you sign in at a program, the program presenter will forward the attendance sheet to the NorthPoints office.

Keep in mind if you do attend an event you MUST sign-in or swipe to receive points. Otherwise, we will have no record that you attended and we will not be able to award you points.


  1. How do I enroll/register for the program?
    If you are a current MSUN student with a valid NorthCard, you already are!
  2. Can part-time students participate?
  3. Is there a fee to participate?
    No, Northpoint is Free!
  4. How can my student club/organization or event become a NorthPoint event?
    We are always looking for new student clubs/organizations to partner with. Please contact Tammy Boles to partner with Student Activities to have your event be Northpoint eligible.