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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2015
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services: Virus Protection

All computers on campus must have anti-virus software installed. This includes personal computers in the residence halls. Even if it was not a requirement, having anti-virus software is simply a good idea. A virus scanner is your first line of defense against malicious viruses that can damage the files, software, and hardware on your computer.

E-mail Virus Protection at Northern

Northern runs virus protection software on our spam blocking appliance and on our email server. All email is scanned for viruses before it is delivered to your computer.

When a virus is discovered in an email, the systems will attempt to remove it and if it cannot be removed, the attachment will be deleted. You will receive the disinfected email along with a message explaining the action that was taken and requesting that you notify the sender that a virus was received along with their email. If you send an email that has an infected file attached to it, you will also receive notice that this has happened.

This is a totally automated process and does not impact the security or confidentiality of your email communications.

Desktop Virus Protection at Northern

Just because we have these email protection measures in place it does not eliminate the need for virus protection on the desktop! New unidentified viruses can slip through and there are other possible sources of infection beside email, such as USB drives, file sharing and just surfing the Internet. It is critical to keep all desktop virus protection software up-to-date and to be cautious of activities that could result in infection. Your virus protection should never be turned off!

MSU-Northern has a software license program with McAfee®. This program covers all University owned or leased computers: faculty, staff, and all open access computer lab machines.

Students may purchase a copy from the Bookstore at a nominal cost. (Faculty/staff owned or leased machines are not included in this program)

Please contact the ITS Help Desk if McAfee VirusScan is not installed or not functioning on your machine. You can tell if VirusScan is installed by looking at your taskbar at the bottom of your screen. On the right hand side, a shield icon with a red "V" should appear:VirusScan icon on taskbar

More information about viruses and other types of threats can be found on the Types of Threats page.


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