Assessment Committee


Membership 2015-2016
Dr. William Rugg   Vice Chancellor/Provost Academic Affairs
Mr. Matt Delong   Interim Director of Institutional Research
Mr. Brian Simonson

Mr. Chris Wendland
  Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration
Director of Financial Services
Dr. Larry Strizich   Interim Dean of College of Technical Sciences
Dr. Carol Reifschneider   Interim Dean of College of Education, Arts & Sciences and Nursing
Mr. Steven Don   Chair of College of Technical Sciences
Mr. Norton Pease   Chair of College of Education, Arts & Sciences, and Nursing
Dr. Randy Bachmeier   Dean of Extended University
Ms. Marianne Hoppe   Interim Chief Information Officer
Ms. Virginia Braithwaite   Director of Educational Field and Clinical Experiences
Ms. Alisha Schroeder   Registrar
Mr. Lorren Schlotfeldt   Academic Senate President
Dr. Janice Starr   Director of Nursing
Dr. Mary Pappas

Ms. Arlys Williams
  Chair for RN to BSN Program
Chair for ASN Program
Dr. Barbara Zuck   Associate Professor of Business


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