Assessment Committee

Membership 2015-2016

Dr. William Rugg   Provost/Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
Mr. Matt Delong   Director of Institutional Research
Mr. Brian Simonson

Mr. Chris Wendland
  Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration
Director of Financial Services
Dr. Larry Strizich*   Dean, College of Technical Sciences
Dr. Carol Reifschneider   Interim Dean, College of Education, Arts & Sciences and Nursing
Mr. Steven Don   Chair, College of Technical Sciences
Mr. Norton Pease   Chair, College of Education, Arts & Sciences, and Nursing
Dr. Randy Bachmeier   Dean of Extended University
Ms. Marianne Hoppe   Interim Chief Information Officer
Ms. Virginia Braithwaite   Director of Educational Field and Clinical Experiences
Ms. Alisha Schroeder*   Registrar
Mr. Lorren Schlotfeldt   Academic Senate President
Dr. Janice Starr   Director of Nursing
Ms. Arlys Williams   Chair for ASN Program
Dr. Barbara Zuck   Associate Professor of Business
* Committee Co-Chairs    



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