General Education Degree

Fulfill General Education Requirements while you decide on your Major.

Not every student starts college with a clear idea of which degree program to pursue. The general education program at Montana State University-Northern is designed for undecided major students to complete the general requirements of a four-year degree while deciding which major is the best match.

  • Complete coursework common to all degree programs and earn an Associate Degree General Education.
  • Be prepared to use your general education degree to complete a four-year college degree.
  • Start your general education classes in Havre, and transfer to another Montana University System institution to finish your Bachelor's degree.

Completion of the Associate of Arts degree at Northern satisfies all Bachelor degree general education requirements throughout the Montana University system.

Associate Degree, General Education: Fundamental skills. Flexible Focus.

  • Finish the prep work for a variety of possible degrees with the curriculum in the general education program.
  • Begin your university education with classes that will help you determine which area to focus on for your four-year degree.

General Education Faculty: Diverse Expertise. Student-Centered.

  • Work closely with faculty who will help you achieve a general education degree and determine a bachelor's degree major.
  • Ask your advisor about approved electives prior to establishing your course schedule.

Associate Degree General Education Classes: Wide-ranging. Practical Skills.

College Level Math and Writing – Give yourself the writing and mathematics skills to transition from a general education degree into a bachelor's degree as well as learning the fundamentals of communication.

Cultural Awareness – Learn about other perspectives relating to race, gender and traditions through courses in Native American Studies as well as other options in languages.

Natural Sciences – Choose from one of a group of college science courses, including biology, chemistry, geology, and geography.

Social Sciences and History – Expand your understanding of today's society by studying such areas as history, psychology, economics, and sociology.

Humanities/Fine Arts – Become familiar with art, literature, music, or philosophy in classes designed to give you a basic understanding of some of the oldest fields of study.

Technology – Let your general education degree help you stay current on the digital tools used in undergraduate education with technology-specific courses.

Associate Degree General Education Career Outlook

The general education degree is meant to give students who are undecided on a major the opportunity to fulfill the basic requirements while he or she determines which area of study to pursue in a four-year degree. Regardless, the skills you'll gain with the course in the AA degree are valuable in any employment setting.


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