Mission Statement

We are the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 9 – a fully democratic labor organization representing more than 55 autonomous Local Unions throughout the State of Montana and 52 members strong under the Local #2235, Montana State University Northern. We advocate, and when necessary, agitate, for the rights, protections, and dignity of workers and for the preservation of the middle class. Our members serve the public as a diverse array of employees of both local government and nonprofit organizations and with a common commitment to enabling our communities to thrive in a just society with equal access, treatment, and opportunity for all.

Contract, Dues & Minutes

Contract for 2021-2023

Officers Campus Extension
Debra Bradley, President debra.bradley 3735
Jennifer Anderson, Vice President jennifer.anderson32 3751
Aricka Turner, Secretary/Treasurer aricka.turner 3733
Executive Board    
Linda Osterman losterman  3506
Landis Cresswell landis.cresswell 3755
Mariah Bingeman mariah.bingeman 3559
Sandy Johnsrud sandy.johnsrud 4190
Debra Bradley debra.bradley 3735
Jennifer Anderson jennifer.anderson32 3751
Linda Osterman losterman 3506
Aricka Turner aricka.turner 3733