Room & Board Rates 2018-2019

Residence Hall Rates
Type of Room Semester Total Yearly Total
Double Room 1,235.00 2,470.00
Single Room 1,345.00 2,690.00
Double as Single Room 1,555.00 3,110.00
ResNet Fee (access to internet and cable tv) 92.29   184.58
Dining Hall Rates
Meal Plan Week/Semester Total Yearly Total
Plan A 75.00/week - 1,125.00/semester 2,250.00
Plan B 90.00/week - 1,350.00/semester 2,700.00
Plan C 110.00/week - 1,650.00/semester 3,300.00
Plan D 135.00/week - 2,025.00/semester 4,050.00

Residence Requirements
Students under the age of 21 and who have earned less than 30 credits are required to reside in the residence halls. Any student requesting an exception to the residency requirements must complete an application for release available at the Housing Office located in the Student Union Building.

Student Family Housing Rates
Type of Unit Monthly Rent Yearly Total (12 months)
One-bedroom 435.00 5,220.00
Two-bedroom 505.00 6,060.00

For more information on rates, please see the "Cost of Attendance" sheet (PDF), or visit the Business Services Tuition and Fees page.