Multicultural Art




2014 - 2015

September 2014

 Joel Soiseth,  E.P.H. Outpost, “Ephemeral Outpost” 


November 2014

Brad J. Shields, “Tribal Existence"


January 2015

 Kelley Kaftan, "Whole World in His Hands"


February 2015

Norton Pease, “Katrina”


March 2015 

 Ginnie Streeper, "Woman with a Scarf"


April 2015

John Murie, "Two Gentlemen"


2015 - 2016


September 2015

 Sandi Pointer, "Hunting Song"


October 2015

Kris Martens, "Visitors from East End Colony"


November 2015

Mary Nault, "Air of Innocence"


January 2016

Kris Shaw, "The Wanderer"


February 2016

Kris Shaw, "Yellow Hat"


April 2016

Robert W. Gopher, "Chief Rocky Boy"


2016 - 2017

September 2016

Lisa Lang, "Gifting--Ravens Always Get It Done Right"


October 2016

Leonor Stiffarm, "Oh Woman of the Mist!"


November 2016

Leland Stewart, "Serenade"


February 2017

Joe Cochran, "Moving Camp"


March 2017

Courtney Cota "Existency"


April 2017

Justin Goggles, "Her First Ride, Let Her Fly, Spirit, and Northern Rodeo Team"



September 2017

Robert Gopher, "The Grand Entry"


October 2017

Jessica Henderson, "Song of the Violin"


January 2018

Storm Duvall, "Journey to the After Life"


February 2018

Roberta Edwards, "Bruce"


March 2018

Jr. High Art Class, Paper Molas


April 2018

Teddy Koop, "Two Indians Riding Horses"