Welcome to MSU-Northern's Financial Success web site!

The cost of college is rising and student debt levels are at all-time highs. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, transfer student, or graduating senior, our Financial Success Program is here to help you adjust to handling all of the responsibilities that come with managing money. Our goal is to help you face these challenges and understand basic personal financial management like budgeting, credit, savings and student loans.

In addition to information and resources on these webpages, we offer one-on-one consultation sessions, workshops and events for students that cover a variety of important personal financial information. Each session is designed to educate students about different financial concepts and are a means to gain financial independence and achieve their life goals.

  • FAFSA – file your FAFSA and understand your financial aid package
  • Financial Aid Process – understand how federal aid works and examine your borrowing needs
  • Loans - prevent over-borrowing and discuss what will happen to your loans after graduation
  • Budgeting – balance long-term goals against short-term needs
  • Credit – use credit wisely to build a strong credit score and pay off credit card debt
  • Savings – ways to save, reach financial goals and prepare for financial emergencies

Montana University System Financial Literacy Videos

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How to Blow Your Refund
(3 minutes 19 seconds)
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Creating a College Spending Plan
(2 minutes, 11 seconds)