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Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual
Section 300: Committee Composition
307.1 Safety and Disaster Committee
Effective: April 4, 1996
Revised: April 2013
Review Date: April 2015
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

The Montana State University-Northern Safety and Disaster Program is required under the Montana Safety Culture Act (39-71-1504, MCA). More importantly, this policy is being implemented on behalf of Montana State University-Northern campus community.

The objectives of the MSUN Safety and Disaster Program are to provide to the best of our ability:

The achievement of these objectives will be based on:

The Committee will:

The Safety and Disaster Committee is chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and will advise the Chancellor in the development of a safety culture at Montana State University-Northern and consists of the following representatives:

The Safety and Disaster Committee members are members of the Emergency Response Team as well as additional faculty, staff and students that are appointed to be building contact people.

Each Emergency Response Team member will: