Section 1000: Campus Policy

Effective: March 2009
Revised: October 2015
Review Date: October 2017
Responsible Party: Chancellor

The University intends to be in full operation every scheduled class day. However, during extremely inclement weather, when it appears that the interests of all concerned will be best served by closing the University, appropriate announcements will be made over local radio, as well as on the main page of the College website. The sole authority for class cancellation lies with the Chancellor or designee.

A number of students live on campus, and these students are dependent upon food services and Physical Plant services regardless of weather conditions. The University will continue to provide these essential services, and in addition, every effort will be made to keep these buildings open.

All announcements should be noted carefully since only morning, afternoon, or evening classes may be cancelled. Any notices or cancellations will be sent to local radio stations and television stations based in Great Falls.

The closing of on-campus courses may or may not apply to off-campus classes. Classes at Great Falls and Lewistown may be cancelled as determined by the Chancellor. They may be cancelled even though the Havre campus remains open. The university offices on campus at Havre can be contacted directly at 406-265-3700.

Radio Stations

Havre KOJM 610 AM KPQX 92.5 FM KRYK 101.3 FM
  KNMC 90.1 FM KXEI 95.1 FM  
Lewistown KXLO 1230 AM KLCM 95.9 FM  
Great Falls KMON 560 AM