Section 1000: Campus Policy

Effective: April 19, 1993
Revised: November 2016
Responsible Party: Chancellor

General Authority

As a public institution Montana State University-Northern has a special obligation to allow political appearances by candidates and to be even-handed in its relationship with all candidates seeking political office. The following policy statement for campus appearances of public candidates is directed toward that end.


Participation in the political process is both a right and obligation of all citizens and is encouraged on the part of our students, faculty and staff. Faculty members are encouraged to incorporate balanced political presentations by candidates in classes where appropriate.

Northern supports the development of "political awareness" groups. These organizations as well as faculty and staff organizations are free to sponsor appearances by political candidates in common areas, if they wish, provided that such appearances are approved as designated in Policy 903.1 University Property and Facilities Rental and Use.

Any such appearances are to be open to the entire student body and not controlled by a particular candidates operation. All candidates making political appearances should be made aware that they and their representatives will be barred from political fundraising and ensure  that their visits will be conducted as speeches with question and answer sessions and not as campaign rallies. They should also be aware that all students, faculty and staff as well as the general public are entitled to attend.

Government officials are always welcome on our campus as part of their normal official duties. If they are visiting as participants in an election campaign, they should expect to adhere to our campus policy, which is that such appearances are to be only at the invitation of a recognized student, staff or faculty organization.

Political campaigning on the campus may not include imposition on the privacy of dormitory residents, interruption of students in academic areas, distribution of written materials in any manner other than by mail or by making an appropriate quantity of such materials available in the Student Union Building for those persons who may wish to pick them up. Campaign posters must bear the imprint of a recognized organization and may be posted only in the Student Union Building or on bulletin boards set aside for student and University notices as indicated in Policy 1021 Bulletin Boards, Distribution and Posting of Written Materials.