OTLE's Faculty Learning Community is a series of monthly discussions intended to help new and first-time faculty get oriented to MSUN, improve their teaching practice, course design, and program success. 

Pre-Semester Course Planning

Video — Course Planning

Video — Course Design from a Student Perspective

Video — Brightspace Gradebooks: Points vs. Weighted

Video — First Day Classroom Activities

FLC #1: Discussion on the Promotion and Tenure Process

Please see the handouts for this discussion in the Box folder linked here.
These include:
- Guidance from senior faculty on submitting a P/T letter or portfolio
- Effective peer review tips and sample feedback rubrics
- Overview of Academic Senate committees and other service opportunities
- The most recent version of the CBA, also located here.

FLC #2: Checking for Understanding & Providing Feedback

Click here to download the PDF handout

Video — Samantha Balemba on using Kahoot

Video — Samantha Balemba on using Jeopardy

Video — Lindsey Brandt-Bennett on using Minute Papers

Video — Lanny Wilke on Grade Check Assignments

FLC #3: Promoting Active Learning

Click here to download the PDF handout

Video — Joey Todd on Project-Based Learning

Video — Valerie Guyant on "Think, Pair, Share"

Video — Caleb Hutchins on Problem-Solving Scenarios  

Video — Kevin Holzworth on Student Video Demonstrations

FLC #4: Closing the Loop with Course Feedback and Data

Click here to download the PDF handout

Video — Charlie Mack on Brightspace Quiz Statistics

Video — Randy Bachmeier on Creating a Teaching Reflection Routine

Video — Steven Don on the Faculty Peer Review Process

Video — Darlene Sellers on Faculty Peer Observation