Hunter Chandler, MSU-Northern Health Promotion student

Hunter Chandler is a junior at MSU-Northern pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotions. Chandler has been a part of the Northern family for all three years of his college career thus far, and it is that keyword - “family” - which brought him to Havre. Remembering back to the days when he was undecided in his college career choices, Chandler recalls how the Northern football coaches really sold him on the idea of coming to our university. When he met Mark Samson and the other coaches, they conveyed the welcoming small-town feel, the familial tone of the campus, and the exciting future for the team, and it caught Chandler’s attention. Alongside the athletic influence, a legacy in his own family helped Chandler decide to attend Northern. His grandfather is an alumnus of Northern and currently resides in Fort Belknap, and since Chandler went to high school in Bozeman, he did not see his grandparents as often as they would have all liked. With his choice of university, Chandler also made a choice for family.

Now that Chandler has been a part of Northern’s family for three years, he has pinpointed Northern’s best attribute: as the community atmosphere. He thanks and commends the school and town for the unending support he has seen and felt since coming to Havre. He appreciates that his professors know him by name, and that when he walks down the streets of Havre people actually greet him. He said, “You just cannot get that kind of atmosphere in a larger city.”

…When he walks down the streets of Havre people actually greet him. “You just cannot get that kind of atmosphere in a larger city.”
~Hunter Chandler

When asked about his favorite academic influences on campus, Chandler mentioned Dr. Fred Smiley. He said that Dr. Smiley is able to portray information in new and different ways that seem to “sink in deeper.” Alongside his academic endeavors, Chandler has had some amazing experiences on the football team. One of his favorite memories and greatest achievements at Northern was having the honor of being named team captain by his teammates. Chandler said, “It may not mean a lot to other people, but it’s a real honor for me to know that my teammates respect me enough to give me this title.”

As for Chandler’s future, he sees sports playing a huge role in his career choices. He wants to coach wrestling and football, but more than that, he wants to make a difference in the lives of the students he will coach. Chandler is inspired by a former MSU basketball player, Mecklen Davis. Davis founded a motivational mentorship group in Bozeman called “Gifted Outliers.” Chandler looks up to the goals and aspirations Davis instills in his mentees and longs to create a similar program wherever his future takes him. It’s safe to say that Chandler’s three years at Northern have shaped his life for the better. His education has brought him challenges and accomplishments, dreams and realities, and a future to look forward to.