Gregory Clouse, Professor of Diesel Techology at MSU-Northern

MSU-Northern's Diesel Technology Program is one of the top diesel programs in the United States. Contributing to the continual success and progress of this leading degree area is Professor Gregory Clouse. Clouse is a proud alumnus of MSU-Northern, earning his associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees all from the Havre institution. After 27 years of dedication to Northern, anyone can see that Clouse is fiercely loyal to his alma mater.

On a personal level, Clouse enjoys time spent in the great outdoors. His favorite pastimes include boating, fishing, and traveling. Though Clouse enjoys his downtime, his focus on Northern's diesel program seeps out of him at all times.

Clouse devotes much of his time and resources to the betterment of MSU-Northern. He has been able to see the diesel program grow and flourish over the years and is proud to see how far the program has come. Clouse's passion is his students. He loves seeing his students take strides in the field and keeps in touch with them after they graduate. He has hope for all his students, because he knows how mentally and financially rewarding the field can be. He clings to the memories of all the success stories he's heard over the years, and looks forward to the bright and dynamic future of Northern's diesel program.

Besides his undying loyalty to his students' individual successes, Clouse spends time bettering the program as a whole. He has coordinated multiple grants and projects pertaining to the diesel field and is part of the Northwest Accreditation Campus Review Committee. Clouse takes part in student academic advising, program recruitment, internships, and annual SkillsUSA coordination (just to name a few of the Northern facets he is part of). Professor Clouse truly adds skill and determination to our campus family.

Thank you Gregory Clouse for your dedication to the past, present, and future of MSU-Northern.