Chris Reed, MSU-Northern Secondary Education student

Chris Reed, a senior pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Secondary General Science Education, is a familiar face on campus, as he is one of Northern’s best and brightest serving as a Student Support Service tutor. If you have ever been tutored by Reed, or seen him in action, you probably realized what an intelligent man he is, and it’s that intellect that led him to the Navy, and eventually here. Reed graduated from high school in 2003. He then joined the U.S. Navy, not as just any enlistee, but as a nuclear chemist for U.S. submarines. Reed served our country for six years stationed in Connecticut and Washington. In 2009 he completed his duty and started college at the University of Minnesota studying chemical engineering.

While living in Minnesota, Reed engaged in many rigorous physical activities, as was his custom for remaining active and staying in shape. One day while working as a rock wall climbing instructor he met a lovely little spunky blonde, and it truly was love at first sight. Linda is now his wife, and it was her occupation that brought them both to Havre. Linda discovered a loan repayment program through Rocky Boy Clinic, and Reed said he felt very blessed to find a university with his field of interest located so close to Rocky Boy.

The Reeds moved to Havre in March of 2011, and in May, Chris accidentally and coincidentally walked into the SSS while inquiring about a possible job as a tutor. What a great place to start hunting for a tutoring job! Reed was hired by Pam on the spot, and started assisting students two weeks later. He tutors subjects ranging from basic math courses all the way to calculus and physics as well as chemistry and the earth sciences.

Reed has been enjoying his time at Northern. He mentioned the university’s class sizes saying, “It’s fun to be in smaller classes where you can form personal relationships with professors. It’s great because oftentimes you’ll have certain professors again and again when studying specific subjects. Then you can build rapport with these professors which can be very valuable when you need letters of recommendation later on.” Reed and his wife have also enjoyed the entertainment Havre’s surrounding geography has to offer. They love to stay active hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, rock climbing, and snowboarding at Bear Paw Ski Bowl. They’ve also traveled to places like Thailand and Patagonia and have taken part in a triathlon in Canada.

As for future plans, Reed will complete his student teaching next fall. Following the completion of his schooling and the conclusion of Linda’s loan repayment agreement, the couple will move back to Minnesota to pursue their careers and be near family, since they will soon have a baby Reed traveling along with them. Though the SSS will be sad to see Reed go, Northern is thankful to have talented and dedicated students like Reed. Chris Reed, you make Northern proud.