Byron Ophus, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences and History at MSU-Northern

Assistant Professor of Business Byron Ophus has been intertwined with MSU-Northern for many years. He says, “I have never not been connected to Northern, from my diaper days until today. Nothing has been able to draw me away from Northern for any significant period of time.” The longevity of Byron’s relationship with Northern stabilized long before the time of his employment as an assistant professor. Byron shared memories of working at the physical plant during a summer in between high school semesters. He fondly recalled riding around with Hylas Johnson (Kevin Johnson’s father) in a Ford Edsel and cleaning toilets in student family housing. Later, during his college days, Byron tutored math and fed his primary tutee burgers using the money he had just earned. Shortly after graduating from Northern, Byron taught a class in personal finance, but he started his full-time employment during the spring semester of 2001. Byron is an outstanding Business faculty member who is loved by all of the students.

Byron earned his Bachelor of Technology Degree in Business Administration from Northern and earned his Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Montana. He’s also a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School.


…Nothing has been able to draw me away from Northern for any significant period of time.
~Byron Ophus
Byron’s wife’s name is Lisa, and they have one son, Brady. When asked about his hobbies, Byron said, “Golly, I enjoy doing and am involved in so many things, it is easier to list the things I don’t like to do. I don’t like playing the Kazoo in a marching band. I don’t like jumping out of flying objects, though I admit I have never tried.