Bridget Hemmer, Assistant Professor of Nursing at MSU-Northern

MSU-Northern is known for its Nursing Program, and Assistant Professor of Nursing, Bridget Hemmer, contributes to this renowned learning environment.

Hemmer is a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree from Carroll College and a master's degree in Nursing with a focus in Nursing Education from Gonzaga University.

Hemmer has been part of the MSU-Northern family for two years. She was originally drawn to Havre due to her husband Scott's job as a biologist with Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, but her own passion for teaching led her to Northern. Hemmer taught classes in the past, which helped her discover and cultivate her deep love for education. She most enjoys interacting with her students as well as watching her students' progress in knowledge, confidence, and skills.


Be prepared to work very hard. The degree is well worth it. It will give you many opportunities for the future.
~Bridget Hemmer
When asked about her thoughts on Northern, Hemmer mentioned that she finds Northern's online option for nursing students very innovative and helpful for those pursuing their bachelor's degree. Her personal and educational philosophy centers on fostering ultimate balance in one's life and profession. She believes that nurses must learn to take care of themselves, and "walk the walk" of a health professional before being equipped to instruct others on healthy living. This idea of balance fits well with Northern's nursing program, which is why she loves the idea of the online courses so much.

Hemmer said the most satisfying part of her job involves attending the nurse pinning at the end of the year. "The students work really hard to get there, so just to see their happiness, achievement, and the support of their families is wonderful" Hemmer stated. She knows how rigorous the nurses' coursework can be, which is why her advice to upcoming Northern students is, "Be prepared to work very hard. The degree is well worth it. It will give you many opportunities for the future."

When Hemmer is not working, she loves spending time with her husband and children, Kate and Tyley. They enjoy family activities like hiking and camping. In her personal spare time, Hemmer has taken up gardening and says she's succeeded with her flowers, tomatoes, and green beans and that she is still learning.

Northern commends Bridget Hemmer for her passion in the workplace and thanks her for her loyalty and dedication to the success of our students and institution.