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Last Updated: 19-Jun-2009
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services: Voice Mail Reference
Recording Greetings

Callers to your mailbox may hear one of two greetings: an external greeting for callers outside of MSU-Northern, or an internal greeting for MSU-Northern callers. If you record only an external greeting, then this greeting will be played to both internal and external callers.

To Record External and Internal Greetings:
  1. Log on to the Voice Mail system.
  2. Press 82. "For your external greeting press 1. For your internal greeting press 2."
  3. Enter the appropriate number.
  4. Press 5. Wait for the tone, then speak.
  5. When you have finished speaking, press #. "Recording stopped."
  6. To check the greeting you have just recorded, press 2. "Start of greeting [greeting.] End of greeting."
  7. When you are satisfied with the greeting, press 4 to go to another activity or 83 to disconnect.
To Delete a Greeting:
  1. Press 82. "For your external greeting press 1. For your internal greeting press 2."
  2. Enter the appropriate number for the greeting you want to delete, followed by 76. "(Internal/External) greeting deleted."

If your internal greeting has been deleted, your external greeting is played to all callers. If you have no external greeting, the standard greeting is played.

Personal Greeting Suggestions
  • It is much easier to read a greeting than to ad lib one, so before you begin, write down the exact greeting you want to record
  • Keep the greeting reasonably short. Callers tend to be irritated by lengthy ones, particularly when they hear them more than once.
  • You may want to mention that instead of leaving a message, the caller can be press zero in order to receive personal attention.
  • You can inform frequent callers that they can press 5 to override greetings and go immediately to recording a message.
  • When you will be away from your office for any length of time, your callers would probably appreciate a specially recorded greeting telling them when you will be back, or if you will call in from time to time to listen to your messages.
Example Greetings:
  • "Hello, this is __________. I'm unavailable to take you call right now. If you would like personal assistance press zero now, or you may leave a message after the tone. Thank you."
  • "Hello, ___________ speaking. You have reached my voice mailbox. If you would like personal assistance press zero now, or you may leave me a message after the tone. Thank you."
  • "Hello, this is _______________________. Today is ____________ and I will be out of the office this morning. If you would like to leave a message, I will return your call this afternoon. Should you require immediate assistance, please dial zero."
Example Extended Absence Greeting:
  • "Hello, ___________ speaking. I will be away from my desk from May 2nd until May 15th however I will be checking my messages twice daily. If you would prefer personal assistance press zero or leave me a message after the tone. Thank you."

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