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MSU-Northern students, faculty and staff - Use the ITS Help Desk as the first point of contact for your technology problems, questions & services!

Information Technology Services Help Desk
Hours of Operation:
   8am-5pm Mon-Fri
Walk-in Support:
   Cowan Hall 117B Telephone Support:
E-Mail Support:
 Use of IT Resources
Use of Information Technology and network access is a privilege, and requires that individual users act responsibly. If you use Northern's IT resources, you are responsible for following all of the official IT policies.

Last Updated: 18-May-2015
Inside Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services: Policies & Guidelines

In order to retain necessary flexibility in the administration of policies, the State of Montana, MUS Board of Regents and the MSU-Northern reserve the right to interpret, revise or delete any of the provisions of these policies, with or without notice, as deemed appropriate at their discretion.

Policies apply to all MUS employees using MUS-owned or managed computing and information resources where access to those resources is part of their employment. They also apply to visiting faculty, adjuncts, and persons having officially sanctioned, unpaid affiliations with an MUS campus, students and any other person that has authorized access to MUS-owned or managed computing and information resources. This includes personally owned equipment. Where no local policy exists, Board of Regent and/or MSU-Bozeman IT policies apply.

MSU-Northern Policies
    Unauthorized Copying & Use of Computer Software
    Mobile Communications Devices
    ResNet Acceptable Use Policy

MSU-Bozeman Policies
    Enterprise Information Technology

Board of Regents Policies:
    Unauthorized Copying and Use of Computer Software
    Section 1300: Information Technology

Montana's Statewide Telecommunications Network:     
     Internet Acceptable Use Policy

MSU-Northern Guidelines for:
    "All User" E-mail
    Energy Conservation

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Did you know?
Each user is responsible for having knowledge of Montana University System (MUS) policies concerning security, privacy, and acceptable computing practices.
Password Note
Don't use the same password here that you use anywhere on the Internet! Do not use the same password for MSU-Northern accounts as for other non-Northern access (e.g., personal ISP account, non-Northern web email accounts, option trading, benefits, etc.). Where possible, don't even use the same password for various MSU-Northern access needs. For example, select one password for email/domain access and a separate password for Banner.

See the ITS password guidelines and tips page for more helpful information...
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